So what’s the big deal about “piezoelectricity?”

The word “piezo” means to press or squeeze, and piesoelectricity is the energetic charge that builds up in certain materials in response to mechanical pressure.  Think of a spring. . . the extension of a spring is directly proportional to the load applied to it.  When we press onto a coiled, spring-like structure, there will be a recoil.  

Scapular work
Scapular work

This is similar to the potential energy built up in our fascial tissues.  Bowen therapy uses piesoelectricity to make changes in the fascia that surrounds muscles and that runs through them.  If your fascia is too tight and tense, it crystalizes and the muscle cannot relax and return to its normal size and shape.  Once the fascia is released by this pressing and squeezing action, it returns to its normal gel-like consistency and allows the muscle to return to normal balance.

Not much pressure is needed for this change to take place in a muscle. That is why it is said that Bowen therapy is non-invasive and gentle but effective.  It really does not take much effort, strength or pressure by the Bowen therapist for the body to respond with amazing changes toward better tissue health and a return to homeostasis. Each muscle, tendon, ligament, nerve, etc. has its own existing energy stored in the fascia that runs through it and around it, known as its potential elastic energy. So it is the fascial structure itself which is responsible for its own change and release in response to the Bowen therapy moves.

So, the big deal about “piezoelectricity” is that the body uses this principle when the tissue is manipulated in order to make subtle, as well as remarkable, changes in its healing process.

When should you come in for a Bowen Therapy Session?

This is a common question people ask themselves.  They get hurt or some kind of imbalance occurs and they think that if they just wait it out, it will go away.  This is usually not the case.  If you wait, several things may happen.  First, the injury or imbalance is screaming, “I need attention . . . help!”  If no help comes, your body begins to compensate for the imbalance or pain by recruiting other muscles to do the job that the injured muscle was doing.  Then, even more imbalance occurs or other areas begin to be painful because of continual contraction of some muscles and continual stretching out of others.  There becomes this pain/spasm/pain cycle for which Bowen Therapy is perfectly suited to break.

If the pain or imbalance is in the lower extremeties, there is splinting of muscles and limping sometimes.  This creates imbalances in the back and posture muscles.  Finally, you either give in to it and bring yourself in for help, or your body decides that this is the new norm and then keeps this imbalance, with the pain subsiding and slipping into the background.  At this point, now you probably are going to need a series of sessions to retrain your body to go back to its original state of balance.  

On the contrary, if you recognize there is a problem from the beginning and get in for a Bowen treatment right away in the first week, one session of Bowen Therapy is usually all that is needed to return to full balance and harmony. So call quickly and get set up for a Bowen appointment once you realize that you have been hurt or have an imbalance.  You will save yourself time, frustration, and money in the long-run.

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Help me help David Smith raise 2,500 new, unwrapped toys for underprivileged children this Christmas.   The holiday season is full of joy, but with all the activities and rushing around, it can also get stressful.  Treat yourself to a relaxing massage or a therapeutic Bowen session for $10 off while you provide a Christmas toy for a child who would not otherwise receive one this year.  The toys donated by Dec. 14 at Living Well’s drop box will benefit children in Collin, Denton, and Dallas counties through:

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CALL 972-930-0260 to book your massage or Bowen session for $10 off the regular cost of $90.  Your massage will include luxurious extras like a warm neck wrap, aromatherapy inhalation and application, warm towels on your feet.  A Bowen therapy session has the powerful benefits of quick relief and long-lasting resolution to pain issues.

How does Bowen Therapy work? (Part One)

There are quite a few reasons why Bowen therapy works so well.  One is because of the effect it has on the autonomic nervous system.  Brain mapping has shown during a Bowen session that the client’s brain produces Alpha waves and causes them to feel like they are in a deep meditative state.  At this point, the body goes into automatic repair mode because the sympathetic nervous system (heightened alert response) stops overriding the parasympathetic (rest and relaxation response).  The bottom line is that it places the client in the most advantageous state to allow the body to heal itself.

Because of this, Bowen therapy not only applies to physical conditions but also to challenges like PTSD, ADD/ADHD, autism, sensory integration disorders, etc.

There are other ways that Bowen therapy works to help healing take place, which will be covered in the next posting.

Learn from your cat

Take a lesson from your cat. Have you noticed that when cats wake up they stretch? When you awake in the morning, you’ve probably been sleeping in some funny position all night or for too long. To get your spine in correct alignment before getting out of bed, start this habit.

Raise your hands above your head, point your toes, and stretch for a count of 10. Then, roll over on your side, bend your knees and push up (rather than coming straight up). Place both feet on the floor, put your hands on your knees, giving yourself some leverage, and push on your knees to help yourself stand up with less stress to your spine.

This is how I encourage my clients to arise in the morning and any time they are getting up from a chair or out of their car, etc. It encourages your body to be symmetrical. It is also how I have them get off the table after a Bowen Therapy session. In addition, putting both feet on the floor simultaneously after therapy makes a neurological impression, or blueprint, of the session, potentially causing it to last longer.

Migraine vanished!

The most dramatic use of my Amega Amwand recently was in the case of a woman who has frequent migraine headaches.  When I greeted her in the reception area, she was holding her head in her hands because the light increased her discomfort.  Before we began our bodywork session, she reported her headache pain being a 10 on a scale of 0 to 10 (10=most painful).  Before starting the Bowen Therapy treatment, I used the Amwand, moving it in a clockwise circular motion around her head.  She could feel the energy of the wand, stating that her headache was subsiding a little.

I used the energy wand at different intervals during the Bowen Therapy session.  At the end of her treatment session, she stated that her pain had subsided to a 3 on a 0-10 scale.  The next morning an excited client called to say that her pain had TOTALLY  disappeared.  And her most remarkable comment was that these headaches usually last for 7 or 8 days.  It has been about 6 months, and this client has not needed to come in again for another treatment for headaches.

One Response to “Migraine vanished!”

 Kyle R Threlkeld says:

I’m sureI have never had migraines, but I experience headaches as an on-going lifestyle almost all of the time—a long time ago I simply accepted it with a self-resolution to be Tough. These are greatly exacerbated by arthritic pain in my neck(C3).Chiropractic helps, but only in a temporary way. I wonder if Bowen could alleviate this too with some permanence?

No more foot pain

I had an opportunity to use the wand (Amwand) on a friend whose ankle had just healed from having been broken.  She was getting a shooting nerve pain on the top of her foot.  After wanding her foot for about two minutes and doing a few Bowen moves on it, she tested it by doing things that had made it hurt before.  She said it was almost entirely resolved.

What ailments or conditions does Bowen/NST therapy address?

What ailments or conditions does Bowen/NST therapy address?
Just about any pain condition can be affected, if not totally resolved, by Bowen/NST therapy. Common cases have included scoliosis, fybromyalgia, sciatica, joint pain, frozen shoulder, TMJ discomfort, carpal tunnel syndrome. Other ailments not necessarily associated with pain include constipation, digestive complaints including GERD with hiatal hernia involvement, asthma and allergies.