What if there were a “Reset” button for pain?

Would you sometimes like to have a “reset” button you could push to get rid of pain in your body?  Well, there is, sort of.  Ever heard of Bowen Technique, Bowenwork, or Bowen Therapy?  There are different versions, but each one gives brand new signals for your brain and nervous system feedback loop to respond to.  It “deletes” bad signals, or actually breaks the pain/spasm/pain cycle, rendering the old improper signals ineffective.  Now your body can respond in a more proper way to new signals and without pain!Bowen Therapy pic

This is like rebooting a computer when the page is frozen and won’t refresh.  Rebooting gives you a fresh start.  Similarly, when you are in pain, your body is in crisis.  It keeps on remembering the signals it was receiving when an accident or injury happened, and it has gotten stuck.  What it needs is a fresh start with new signals to the nervous system.  Bowen Therapy, with its gentle plucking moves over muscles, tendons, fascia, and nerves, introduces just the right “input” to down-regulate the autonomic nervous system and take the body from a state of hypersensitivity (sympathetic overdrive) to a state of rest and relaxation (parasympathetic).

By doing this along the spine right at the beginning of a session, your body is now ready to respond quickly and with profound and lasting changes that address the core problem.  The autonomic nervous system has just been “reset.”  This process is just what the body needs, not only for acute injuries, but also for long-standing chronic conditions, like fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ syndrome, repetitive migraine headaches, and even multiple schlerosis.  How about telling someone you know in pain about Bowen Therapy.  It may just give them the breakthrough they’ve needed!