Are you for Healthcare Reform?

I don’t know about you but for me, I don’t want the federal government to say I have to buy health insurance.  People should be able to make this decision on their own.  As insurance premiums rise, more people are choosing to be proactive in their approach to health care, meaning they are all about prevention rather than “fixing it once it’s broke.”  It’s less expensive to take care of good health.

A proactive approach includes getting plenty of daily exercise, rest, hydration, and good nutrients through a healthy diet.  If everyone did this, we’d need insurance less.   And perhaps with less use of insurance, except for routine visits, our premiums would go down.

I like the idea of a Health Savings Account because it can be used for anything related to healthcare:  chiropractic, acupuncture, massage (including Bowen Therapy), etc.  (for prevention and maintenance, as well as for rehab).  Of course, these accounts are usually only offered along with a health policy.  But at least you can choose a high deductible and low premium, if you are relatively healthy and not likely to make a claim.

Traditional insurance companies are slowly but surely being forced by the public to include alternative healthcare.  But we are not quite where we want to be with this.  There are only a few insurance companies right now that I am aware of that will reimburse my clients when they come to see me for a Bowen Therapy session.

If we all join efforts and continue to place a demand on our insurance companies to cover more alternative therapies, they will do it eventually.  Until then, I’ll spend my money on natural therapies designed to work with my body’s systems — not against them — to keep me in optimal health.  In other words, if I have a thyroid problem, I don’t want to have it surgically removed or take a drug to shut it down and do the job it should be doing.  Both of these choices have a detrimental effect on other organs and systems of the body.  Instead, why not take an herbal remedy to nourish, strengthen, and build up the thyroid’s energy in order to salvage it so it works in harmony with the rest of the body?

Let’s use our hard-earned dollars toward maintenance and prevention so we won’t need health insurance except for catastrophic situations and emergencies (which are rare if we are taking good care of ourselves).

3 Responses to “Are you for Healthcare Reform?”

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  2. I think westerners are veryclose minded about any form of ancient/chinese medicine. They (I mean we, I am British) forget that we didn’t know what electricity was 200 years ago. There are more forms of energy to be explored and I think we need to think about science from as many angles as possible.

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