Testimonials of BowTech & NST

BowTech & NST Testimonials

Below are testimonials from Brenda’s bodywork that reveal the results she gets with her methods of treatment for pain.  If you can relate to any of these, you are probably a good candidate for receiving Bowen Therapy.  The first few testimonials are regarding distance healing sessions.  Then, the rest are in-person testimonials grouped into categories.

Bowen Therapy – Remote Session Testimonials

“I am amazed! I recently started experiencing a continuous buzzing – 3 seconds buzzing, 3 seconds not – in my left hamstring. On Monday, you performed a remote Bowen therapy session. By Thursday morning the buzzing was gone. It was so easy! The buzzing decreased in frequency and intensity immediately after the therapy on Monday. I drank water and walked up to 3 miles on Monday and Wednesday. On Thursday the buzzing had ceased! I am very pleased with the Bowen treatment, especially that it could be done remotely with such great results!”    Ian M, Arlington, TX

“I have known and worked with Brenda Briscoe for several years and have always gotten so much from her Bowen treatments. But I was amazed how much physical pain relief I experienced from a remote session with her! I felt relaxed and actually slept while she was working on me remotely. The results were nearly immediate but as time went on the first day I felt better and the following day the results were even more pronounced! I encourage anyone who is curious about Bowen work to consider Brenda, she is excellent!”    Mary Ellen D, McKinney, TX

“Brenda – I can’t thank you enough for working on me remotely as I’m a few states away and was in distracting levels of pain.  No amount of my own tools and tricks were resolving the pain in my hip/piriformis/low back area from my recent air travels.  As you know, I am familiar with Bowen and have received quite a bit of in-person Bowen, but had never received long-distance Bowen.  When I receive in-person Bowen, I usually don’t experience relief until I wake up the next morning.  This time was surprisingly different:  About 5 minutes after I got up from our long-distance session, I was PAIN-FREE.  I remained pain-free all day.  I got up the next day with a SLIGHT amount of stiffness that worked itself out within about 10 minutes of getting up out of bed.  I have been free of pain and stiffness since that first morning.  As you know, I am out of town and working on a project within which I am under tremendous amounts of mental, emotional and spiritual pressure.  I think that that stress is also much easier to manage since our session two days ago.  I can’t thank you enough!!”    Suzan K, Lewisville, TX

Bowen Therapy – In Person Session Testimonials

Testimonies of Bowen Therapy in general and level of care

“Brenda has such a gift for helping me get out of pain. Her technique, Bowen Therapy, is so effective at improving muscle and skeletal balance and instrumental at telling my nervous system to relax and restore. I have found it to be more effective than chiropractic care. Also, the LED light therapy immediately helps with pain and inflammation while increasing nitric oxide. Brenda is just fantastic.”    Betty M, Dallas, TX

“Brenda has extensive knowledge in Bowen therapy. She is warm and friendly and truly cares for her patients. I am always pleased with the level of service I receive from her. The staff at Living Well Dallas is extremely friendly and helpful. There are a variety of services she provides and I would encourage you to look to her for several health and pain management needs. I recommend Bowen therapy over massage therapy for overall effectiveness.”  Caroline R, Dallas, TX

“Whenever I have something going on in my body that feels off, I call Brenda. The Bowen technique is noninvasive and much more relaxing and helpful than traditional massage. It’s like a nervous system reset. The environment is calming and clean. Brenda is caring and professional!”    Valerie G, Princeton, TX

“Brenda Briscoe is an amazing Bowen Therapist. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking Bowen Therapy!”    Tonja W, North Richland Hills, TX

“The Bowen Technique can best be described as a wonderful “tune up” for the nervous system.  As a Certified Biofeedback Therapist and Nutritional Consultant, I first experienced the Bowen Technique to better describe how it is for my clients, since I did not have any physical discomfort of my own.  I was surprised to feel more leveled out, joyful, and calm.  It has greatly helped clients of mine with chronic pain that have not been able to be relieved by anything else.  Whether you are in pain or not, Bowen Technique provides tremendous benefit.”  Fiona R, CNC,CBT

“Brenda is a wonderful practitioner.  She is caring, professional and her knowledge of Bowen technique is gentle yet powerful.  She has helped me so much!”  Mary Ellen D., Plano, TX

“I have personally experienced Bowen, as well as referred my Healing Touch clients to Brenda when spinal support and structural alignment strengthening are important. My clients and I have consistently positive results working with Brenda.”  Bethlyn G., Dallas, TX

“I am feeling so much better after my session today and my wife is so impressed with my results she wants to schedule an appointment.”  Michael T., Irving, TX

Migraine Testimonials

“Hi, Brenda. I just wanted to let you know that this month, I DID NOT GET A MIGRAINE!!!   I didn’t even feel headachy!  I’m not sure what to attribute that to (last month, a week or so after the Bowen therapy, I did have a headache, but it was totally manageable), but perhaps the Bowen therapy worked some magic!!  Fingers crossed that next month will be similar!  Thank you so much.”    Jen G, Dallas, TX

Neck and Jaw Pain Testimonials

“I highly recommend seeing Brenda, I woke up with neck pain Monday morning, saw her yesterday, I’m good as new today!!! Thanks SO much, Brenda!”    Kristin V, Dallas, TX

“My neck at times gets so stiff and painful I can hardly move my head.  After visiting with Brenda, her treatment frees up the pain and movement in my neck, and the results last for many months.”  Nell B., Dallas, TX

“Bowen Guru says it all. Bowen Therapy is a miracle in itself. Used by Brenda Briscoe, it is even more so. Her kindness and gentleness enrich the treatment. In one session, she released my jaw tightness, taught me exercises to cure my reflux and reduced the tightness in my neck.”  Barbara S., Richardson, TX

Injury Testimonials

“I have been coming to Brenda Briscoe for Bowen therapy for 3 1/2 years. Brenda is compassionate and attentive to my needs. Her dedication to tailoring my treatment to my specific needs is stellar. After finishing an ultramarathon, I had issues with recovery. I battled constant migraines, as well as tendonitis in my right leg. Brenda dealt with both by employing techniques that alleviated my headaches. Her massage significantly accelerated my recovery from tendonitis and stiffness in my knee and calf. I have chronic arthritis in my neck, along with chronic stiffness and tension due to a major stroke  I suffered almost 20 years ago. Brenda treats these with a dedication to keeping all discomfort at bay. I very much recommend Brenda for your health, comfort, and peace of mind.”  Kyle R Threlkeld, Dallas, TX

“Brenda is a fantastic clinician; especially with pain. I was having a hard time recovering from a sprained ankle. I felt huge changes in just one session. She is tremendously empathic anticipating patients healing needs. I strongly suggest scheduling with her today!!”    Dana D., Weatherford, TX

“Due to a foot injury, I could not walk without pain. Work required I stand for 5 or 6 hours a day.  After the second NST treatment, I was able to put pressure on my foot and walk without pain.  I would never have been able to complete my work assignment without Brenda’s help.  And the best part is that after a few more treatments there was no tenderness, let alone pain, in my foot.”  Sharon C, Sachse. TX

“Brenda is amazing! I came to her originally because I had pulled a ligament in my hip working out. This injury went on for 9 months! Out of desperation, I tried Bowen Therapy, not really understanding how it works, and within a few days I was pain free! Wow, I couldn’t believe it! I did go back about three times, but that’s all it took to be pain free permanently. I use Bowen for just about anything nowadays. It truly allows the body to heal itself.”  Holly, The Money Therapist™, Dallas, TX

“A huge shout out to Brenda Briscoe! After our Bowen therapy session I had my first CrossFit workout today and was more limber and had the best workout since I started! I was barely even winded afterwards and my coaches can attest that is usually NOT the case.”  Robert P., Lewisville, TX

Joint Pain Testimonials (shoulders/knees)

“Brenda is highly skilled and has an amazing talent using Bowen Therapy. I have seen her multiple times and sheShoulder testimonials helped me fully recover from a shoulder injury. Bowen reminds my body that it is capable of healing. Brenda is warm and welcoming, and always makes me feel so comfortable. I highly recommend seeing Brenda if you are suffering from any pain or discomfort!”    Grace H, Dallas, TX

“I had pain behind my knees for over two months and it’s cause was unknown.  I rarely exercise so it was not from straining or exertion.  I had one Bowen session with Brenda and not only did my pain dissolve but the session also helped ease my seasonal allergies – what an unexpected bonus! My pain hasn’t returned and it’s been over 2 weeks!”  Jessica V., Dallas, TX

“I have suffered from chronic pain in my neck, shoulders, and back for many years. After several sessions of Bowen therapy, my pain has lessened dramatically. By interrupting old pathways of pain and allowing my brain and body to relax, Brenda’s method is different than any therapy I have tried and I have tried EVERYTHING….including steroid injections, stem cell therapy, chiropractic and other forms of massage. Bowen has helped me the most. It has changed my life for the better!”    Sally S, Dallas, T

Testimonials of relief from back pain, sciatica, scoliosis, degenerative discs

“My back problems included scoliosis, degenerative discs, neck rotation and severe inflammation.  After two years of chiropractic treatments (3 to 5 weekly), I was considering back surgery and thought pain would be a part of my life.  I tried NST and my results have been nothing short of miraculous!”  Azur H, Keller, TX

“After four years of severe back pain involving degenerative discs and heavy doses of prescription pain meds daily, I began Bowen/NST Therapy with Brenda.  Now I have control in what I do and feel as though I have rejoined the world!”  Carolyn S, Hurst, TX

“Due to a childhood back injury, I developed scoliosis and severe pain over the years.  After a few Bowen sessions, the pain left and I noticed a spinal correction.  Brenda has been a blessing to my life, both spiritually and physically.”  Brigitte B, Dallas, TX

“Brenda, you did quite a number on me Thursday–no back pain at all, I feel great. I told Jerry Jones to fire Romo as I can throw the ball just as well, and I can catch it too, so he can fire all the ends too!!  (It’s OK to dream.)  I’m one of your biggest supporters because you have made a big difference in my well being.”  Ken L., Blue Ridge, TX

Nerve Pain/Nervous System Testimonials

For a number of years I suffered from neck and shoulder pains that extended down my arm to my hand.  Prescription muscle relaxers and physical therapy only brought a few weeks’ relief before the pain returned.  After a series of NST sessions, my pain was alleviated for 4 to 5 months.  Robert P, Irving, TX

“I have been experiencing sciatic pain with numbness in my left leg for weeks.  Just after two sessions of BowTech with Brenda, the pain has virtually disappeared and the numbness has significantly reduced.  I’m optimistic that with a few more sessions, the numbness will be completely gone.”  Tom L., Frisco, TX

“Before NST I had chronic sciatic nerve pain.  Now a periodic treatment keeps my body in line and keeps me able to run up and down stairs.”  Carolyn H, Trinidad, TX

“My experience with Brenda has been exceptional since receiving my Bowen therapy treatments from her. I have experienced a significant calming of my nervous system and have experienced a reduction in blood pressure and improved sleep since receiving Bowen therapy treatments from Brenda. Bowen therapy seems to significantly help with switching the sympathetic nervous system off and to actively engage the parasympathetic nervous system to aid with the healing of the mind and spirit. As a Registered nurse suffering with PTSD, I would highly recommend Brenda and her Bowen therapy technique to help calm and rebalance the nervous system. In my opinion, Bowen therapy is great for individuals suffering with PTSD, ADD, chronic insomnia, hypertension, sleep apnea and head injury.”  Richard S., Lewisville, TX

“Brenda, when I talked to you about Bowen Therapy, I was interested in what it could do for the horrid burning pain and extra sensitivity in my feet due to neuropathy.  The medicines I was taking could only “do so much,” according to my neurologist.  You happened to mention how well Bowen Therapy works for fibromyalgia, not knowing that I had that condition too.  I was willing to give as much time as necessary to the treatments if I could just get some relief.  To my delighted surprise, within a few weeks I was sleeping better.  A couple of more weeks and my feet weren’t as tender.  Before, the smallest wrinkle in the sheets would feel like a butcher knife cutting into my feet, BUT NO MORE!  Then, about three months into treatment, I realized my body didn’t hurt anymore.  While I was focused on my feet, Bowen Therapy took away my fibromyalgia pain.  I can now sleep better, do regular activities like grocery shopping without dread, and wear enclosed shoes again. Best of all, I have the belief that I will eventually be able to drastically decrease the neuropathy medicine as I continue Bowen Therapy.  I am already down one dose on one of my meds!  I LOVE!!!!, and look forward to, every session.  ‘Thank you’ doesn’t seem like enough to say for what you have given back to me, but it is all I have.”  Lisa B., Dallas, TX
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