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General Causes of Back Pain #4

Yet another cause of back pain is Arthritis.  The word “arthro” refers to joints and “itis” means inflammation. arthritis painArthritic changes can give rise to bone spurs in the spine.  These spurs occur especially in the cervical (neck) vertebrae, often causing neck pain which radiates to the shoulder, scapular (shoulder blade) region, arm or hands.

There are supplements that can be taken to reduce inflammation, such as Curcumin, Omega 3s, and CBD oil, among others. Certainly an alkalizing diet full of colorful vegetables and fruits helps pull down inflammation.  Also, the LED light therapy that I do at Living Well Dallas is very effective for reducing inflammation due to arthritis.

If you would like help in any of these areas — nutritional coaching, supplementation, or LED light therapy — give us a call at 972-930-0260. We at Living Well Dallas are experts in all these areas and would love to be a part of your health care.

General Causes of Back Pain #3

Scoliotic curve

The next cause of back pain we will discuss is Structural Problems of the spine.  These include scoliosis (a lateral curvature and rotation of the spine), defects within the vertebrae themselves, decreased flexibility and range of motion of the various spinal joints, and misalignments (minute rotations of one vertebrae relative to its neighbor or to the attached ribs).

This information comes from a book called “The Bum Back Book.”

General Causes of Back Pain #2

In my last blog I mentioned that there are several general causes of back pain and discussed one of those causes. flexible spine yoga poseToday I will talk about another cause of back pain, which is poor posture.  More specifically, we are talking about loss of flexibility and normal curve in the back. So, remaining flexible in the spine and being able to move in all directions helps maintain a strong back, free of chronic pain. Accidents, or even deep-seated emotional holding, can cause muscle constriction and pull the spine out of normal alignment.

poor desk posture
Poor desk posture

Often, though, the curve of the lower back reverses simply because of poor postural habits, including:  too many hours spent slumped over the computer or doing other desk work or even sleeping on a non-supportive mattress. Habitual tension and improper standing posture can also exaggerate the lower curve, producing a sway back and protruding abdomen.  Any habitual deviation from a slight S curve (front to back), whether a reversal or an exaggeration, can create chronic pain.

Just remember that to maintain a healthy back, what is important is flexibility, movement, and diversity of posture.

This information comes from a book called “The Bum Back Book.”

General Causes of Back Pain #1

Did you know that back problems happen with sedentary people just about as much as with those who do a lot of heavy physical labor?  In fact, it’s back painone of the most common ailments in our society and certainly the most common of the health complaints that I see in my practice. Sometimes this pain, stiffness, or tension is acute and incidental, but many have suffered with it for years.

Many elements may contribute to back pain. Often, we try to blame one thing for causing our back pain when, in fact, it may be due to several contributing causes.  It is best to recognize all contributing factors so that their individual and combined effects can be understood.  Many causes will be covered in these blogs, but let’s discuss just one here.

Weak Musculature:  Muscles give needed reinforcement to the bones and the bones act as a support frame for the muscles. This is not unlike the components of a suspension bridge, where the components act on each other to hold the whole bridge steady. The spinal column is like a bridge, connecting our upper and lower halves.

When the muscles don’t support the spine-bridge, it will sag from its correct curvature, resulting in pain. Then we tense up to try to return the spinal column to its proper position. This compensation strains the back. Good muscle tone is needed for proper support. Strengthening exercises, along with stretching to lengthen the spine, can erase the strain and pressure in your back and improve your posture naturally. Effective therapies for the back can speed this process.

One of the best therapies for back pain is Bowen Therapy.  With its precise but gentle moves that create a vibrational effect that penetrates to the cellular level, the brain is given new nerve input for the body to respond to rather than its usual pain response.  Call our office (972-930-0260) to schedule an initial 1-hour consultation. This will give you the opportunity to sample Bowen therapy, as well as LED light therapy, which synergistically magnifies the effects of the Bowen treatment.

Check back to my blog to find out other causes of back pain that will be published soon.

This information comes from a book called “The Bum Back Book.”

So what’s the big deal about “piezoelectricity?”

The word “piezo” means to press or squeeze, and piesoelectricity is the energetic charge that builds up in certain materials in response to mechanical pressure.  Think of a spring. . . the extension of a spring is directly proportional to the load applied to it.  When we press onto a coiled, spring-like structure, there will be a recoil.  

Scapular work
Scapular work

This is similar to the potential energy built up in our fascial tissues.  Bowen therapy uses piesoelectricity to make changes in the fascia that surrounds muscles and that runs through them.  If your fascia is too tight and tense, it crystalizes and the muscle cannot relax and return to its normal size and shape.  Once the fascia is released by this pressing and squeezing action, it returns to its normal gel-like consistency and allows the muscle to return to normal balance.

Not much pressure is needed for this change to take place in a muscle. That is why it is said that Bowen therapy is non-invasive and gentle but effective.  It really does not take much effort, strength or pressure by the Bowen therapist for the body to respond with amazing changes toward better tissue health and a return to homeostasis. Each muscle, tendon, ligament, nerve, etc. has its own existing energy stored in the fascia that runs through it and around it, known as its potential elastic energy. So it is the fascial structure itself which is responsible for its own change and release in response to the Bowen therapy moves.

So, the big deal about “piezoelectricity” is that the body uses this principle when the tissue is manipulated in order to make subtle, as well as remarkable, changes in its healing process.

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