Bowen Therapy for strokes

Lately I am working successfully with stroke victims. This may not be something you’d think about sending your loved one to receive Bowen Therapy for. But when something so simple, gentle and non-invasive is known to be effective for this devastating life issue, don’t you think it is worth pursuing?

Bowen Therapy is a hands-on bodywork so effective that it often takes only one to three sessions for most issues to resolve. E.g., in the case of a stroke, there is usually one side of the spinal muscles that are raised and “bulked up.” The other side will be more depressed. The goal is to communicate with the brain via the autonomic nervous system, inviting it to rebalance. Once accomplished, the musculature on either side of the spine is level with one another. More importantly, symptoms improve and sometimes totally resolve. For instance, a client with a left-sided stroke could not use his right hand properly (writing, getting wallet out of his pocket). After three sessions, this functionality is now greatly improved, and he feels like he can do life better.

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