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Holiday Health Myths

Ever heard the one about Poinsettia’s being poisonous?  Not true, it’s a myth.  What about the suicide count being highest at this time of year?  Again, not true.  And how about New Year’s Eve being the worst night of the year to be driving?  Not so, that would be July 4th. But there are some […]

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Best and Worst Foods for Migraines

Did you know that food can play an important part in triggering or preventing a migraine headache? Even though there are far more foods on the triggering side, don’t give up hope.  These foods can definitely help: Ginger – a powerful anti-inflammatory that can ease chronic migraines, alleviate nerve pain and boost the immune system. It can be added to smoothies, […]

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Blending Bowen Therapy and Hypnosis in Dallas

Did you know that your mind can trick you in a positive way?  I didn’t before I had a hypnosis session with Valerie Grimes.  Before my frst relaxing experience in Valerie’s office, my mind told me that I was insecure, not very smart, and certainly not business-minded.  Once I learned how hypnosis really worked and […]

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Tonja Wells, CNHP

What Does Your Body Say About Your Health?

Learn how to balance your body by identifying physical imbalances through observation. What do those wrinkles on your face really mean? What do the grooves and color of your tongue mean? What do the broken nails and lines or grooves on your nails mean? What plants/herbals can you use to nourish your body? Tonja Wells, […]

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Proper Food Combining

If we combine our foods right, do not overeat, and eat real food, our bodies have something called enzymes which will digest our food.  Substances which do not ordinarily combine with each other when they are brought together can be made to do so by a third substance – a catalyst called “enzymes.” Enzymes cause a […]

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