Blending Bowen Therapy and Hypnosis in Dallas

Did you know that your mind can trick you in a positive way?  I didn’t before I had a hypnosis session with Valerie Grimes.  Before my frst relaxing experience in Valerie’s office, my mind told me that I was insecure, not very smart, and certainly not business-minded.  Once I learned how hypnosis really worked and had a personal experience with it, it paid off in a big way.  Now I go out into the world and pull off speaking engagements with a snap.  Teaching my craft, Bowen Therapy, at massage schools  in Dallas is more fun than anything I can think of doing.  And networking with other business professionals, which scared me to no end before, is now one of the more fun activities in my life.  Hypnosis helped me develop self confidence more than anything else I have ever done.

Once this became the norm for me, I still occasionally had flare-ups, for example, when I was going to speak to a large group.  Then, it was time to employ the tactics that Valerie taught me how to do for myself, in other words, self-hypnosis.  This is very valuable when a professional teaches you things you can do for yourself so that when you don’t have access to them, you have a back-up plan.  That would usually do the trick.  That, along with getting a  Bowen Therapy session, which is the most relaxing bodywork modality I have ever experienced.  Bowenwork flips a switch that turns on the parasympathetic part of the nervous system (meaning, it brings you back into a relaxed state).

The point of my message here is that Bowen Therapy and hypnosis in Dallas blend well and are make a great duo for relaxation therapy.

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