Omega 3’s Crucial for Healthy Arteries

Did you know that Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for keeping your blood vessels elastic instead of hardening and crumbling to pieces? Best sources are, in this order:   wild (not farm raised) salmon, sardines, and flax seeds.  Note: Farm raised salmon do not eat the algae that create the best sources of Omega 3s — DHA and EPA. We usually eat foods with more Omega 6s, which then fight to overtake the balance of Omega 3s and thus cause inflammation in the body, especially blood vessels.

One way to ensure you get enough Omega3s is through nutritional supplementation.  If you already do this, here’s a test you can do to check the quality of your Omega 3′s: Fill a small styrofoam cup half full with water.  Puncture your Omega 3 gelcap and squeeze it into the water.  Check in 15 min. to see if it has eaten away at the styrofoam.  If so, you have a good quality Omega 3.  If not, check out Nature’s Sunshine’s Super Omega 3′s (contains DHA and EPA – the best possible sources of Omega 3s).  You don’t want any other sources.