As a Certified Natural Health Professional, I offer over 600 nutritional products from Nature’s Sunshine Products, a pharmaceutical-grade product line and one that I trusIt for quality and consistency.  For more information on specific NSP products or to order through the internet, please visit my product website at

You can make a purchase from NSP with either a paper form or on the Internet.  You can go to or call me and we can get an account set up for you that has your own account number.  You get better pricing by buying directly from NSP.  This requires a membership.  A membership is FREE with a $40 Direct Cost purchase.  If a person buys products directly from me, you pay a distributor price which is 10% above direct cost.  The most expensive price is, of course, retail.  I prefer everyone using products at the most savings.  Want to earn a rebate?  Just accumulate a monthly volume over $100 and NSP sends a rebate back to the member.

I am also a rep for BodexaLife products, which you can order via the internet at BodexaLife products are powered by HSO (Hemp Seed Oil) and RSHE (Real Scientific Hemp Extract).  There are three excellent products now, and more to come in the near future:

  • Hemp Seed Oil (HSO) gelcaps — the perfect balance of Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9
  • Real Scientific Hemp Extract (RSHE) Liquid (1 oz)
  • Real Scientific Hemp Extract (RSHE) Salve (1 oz)

If you purchase any of these wonderful products, please insert my name as your referral at check-out.

Thank you!