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Meditation Releases Stress – BrainTap Gets You There

At Living Well Dallas, sleep disorders are one of the main issues we help people with.  It seems to be so prevalent these days.  We carry some great nutritional supplements to help with sleep.  We also have health coaches who can guide you on eating and drinking habits that can help with your sleep.  Bowen Therapy can also be very effective in helping down-regulate the autonomic nervous system, so as to get you to sleep better at night.  Getting enough exercise on a daily basis helps resolve issues if done consistently.

The practice of meditation has been proven to be very conducive to getting a good night’as sleep.  Here is an article that elaborates on this subject.  Also, did you know that at LWD we have a device called BrainTap that quickly and easily takes you into a meditative state? It even has several programs you can listen to that are specifically designed to help you sleep to your heart’s content.  Come in and sample it for free.  Just call 972-930-0260 and ask for your free initial demo of BrainTap if you have never experienced it with us before.

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Help for Neuropathy, Plantar Fasciitis & Restless Legs

Listen to a Facebook Live talk about what’s working to resolve peripheral neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, and restless leg syndrome. This talk will be given by Brenda Briscoe, LMT and Beeben Russell of Russell Distributions.  You may have never been exposed to this information before. Brenda has been helping people with these physical issues for a long time, using her therapies. And Beeben can reveal the science behind the new equipment that is being used for relief of these and other conditions.

Join us on Tuesday evening, May 1, at 7:00pm on my page Living Well Brenda Briscoe to get some great news and encouragement about improving these conditions or totally resolving them.

Help for Migraines & TBIs

Listen to a Facebook Live talk about some current methods that work for resolving migraine headaches and traumatic brain injuries.  This talk will be given by Brenda Briscoe, LMT and Beeben Russell of Russell Distributions.  You will learn information you have likely not heard before. Brenda has been helping people with migraines for over 18 years with her therapies, and Beeben can reveal the science behind the new equipment that is being used for relief of these and other conditions.

Join us on Tuesday evening, April 10, at 7:00pm on my page Living Well Brenda Briscoe to get some great news and encouragement about improving these conditions or totally resolving them.


Fascia Contracts

How does this happen? It’s because of the myofibroblasts, specialized fibroblast cells (they synthesize the myofibroblastsconnective tissue matrix). Studies of myofibroblasts in mechanobiology prove that they are significant to wound healing/tissue injury and fibrosis. “Myo” means muscle, thus their contractability.

They have an important role in wound healing (a really good thing). But they are also responsible for fibrosis (not such a good thing).

The thing that is important for us in understanding therapeutically what they are and what they do, is to note the fibrotic, rigid tissue, which does NOT need more stimulation. Fibrotic, rigid and often inflamed tissue is already contracting and overactive!

Fibrotic tissue (low back pain sufferers being a good example) with either overactive myofibroblasts or high density of myofibroblasts really requires less aggressive stimulation; it requires regulation achieved through intermittent soft tissue ‘stretch/stress’, at just the right dose. This has now been proved scientifically. 
Well, Bowen Therapy seems to give just the right dose.

Bowen Therapy for Fluid Flow

Did you know that our bodies are more than 70% water? That being the case, fluid flow in our tissues is very important.  Moving the water in our tissues and doing it slowly leads to healthy hydrated fascia.

Stimulating the receptors and breaking adhesions has been thought to be the top priority in body work, but now researchers are finding that fluid dynamics are just as important, if not more. Moving the body’s fluid results in more lubricated tissues and, essentially, more mobility and ease.

Cells called fibroblasts are crucial players in this process.  A fibroblast is a type of cell responsible for making the Fibroblast-cellsextracellular matrix and collagen. Together, these form the structural framework of tissues in animals and play an important role in tissue repair. Fibroblasts are the main connective tissue cells present in the body.

Fibroblasts really like slow movement, as confirmed by clinical studies.  They respond positively, changing tissue structure. So, the slow speed of manipulation, which happens in a Bowen Therapy session, is extremely therapeutic. With Bowenwork, the intent is to push the water around, as the fibroblasts like it, so that the nutrients are distributed around the tissues, and the tensional forces are balanced.

Bowen Therapy’s slow and gentle manipulations cause the fluid in your cells to flow better and your fascia to be rehydrated, bringing quick, profound, and longer lasting resolution to pain and mobility issues than some other techniques that are deep and more invasive.

For a Bowen Therapy treatment with Brenda Briscoe, call 972-930-0260.

General Causes of Back Pain #10

clothes-for-winter-travelWeather can be another source of back pain for some.  Many people are not aware of the effects that weather has on their bodies.  Cold weather, in particular, can aggravate a back problem since the muscles tend to constrict in cold weather.  Drafts and dampness can also be detrimental to a bad back.  Be sure to keep yourself warm and dry during cold weather.  Layering your clothes on these days can be helpful.

Information taken from The Bum Back Book by Michael Reed Gach.

General Causes of Back Pain #9

Restrictive clothing and high heels can contribute to many back problems.  Any clothing that restricts or inhibits high heel shoesyou from moving freely should be avoided.  For example, rigid leather belts can contribute to back problems.  If you wear one regularly and have a back problem, experiment with wearing a cloth or an elastic belt for a month and see what happens.  

And, ladies, I know that high heels make your legs look sexier and we all want that, but try to keep wearing them at a minimum.  Wear them for shorter periods of time and on special occasions like weddings, church, the opera, a special dinner date, etc.  And make sure that on a daily basis your shoes are low heeled, comfortable, and that they cushion your step.  If you must wear high heels for work, at least bring them in a bag and put them on once you get there; and wear comf0rtable shoes on the way to and from and when you get home.

This will minimize the strain on your back from walking on your toes all day.

Information taken from The Bum Back Book by Michael Reed Gach.

General Causes of Back Pain #8

A significant number of back problems arise from sudden forces applied to a flexed, bent-over spine.  This can occursneezing with apparently simple forces, such as coughing or sneezing while reaching for or lifting heavy objects.  

If the force is great enough, a disc could rupture and exert pressure on the nerves where they exit the spinal column.  A large ruptured disc is one cause of sciatica, a condition where pain radiates down the buttock and leg and can be accompanied by numbness, tingling, and muscle weakness on the affected side.

Many clients come to me after this kind of injury has happened.  It really didn’t take much, especially if they were dehydrated to start with.  Bowen Therapy can quickly help realign the spine and relax the muscles that got strained when you sneezed, coughed, or did some other abrupt type of movement while twisting the spine or lifting an object.

So, here’s what to do.  If you are reaching over to get an object or bending over to pick something up and you get the urge to cough or sneeze, abort that effort and wait until the cough or sneeze is over.  Then go back and pick up your object.  Hopefully, this will eliminate the possible muscle strain.

Call 972-930-0260 to book your appointment for a Bowen Therapy session which will give you quick, profound and long-lasting recovery from your pain.

Information taken from The Bum Back Book by Michael Reed Gach.

General Causes of Back Pain #7

Improper Lifting is a major cause of back pain.  We all know that we should bend our knees and let the knees and improper liftingglutes do most of the work, but do we really think about this when we go to pick up something heavy? Usually not, unless we have already strained our back doing this in the past.  

I want to encourage you to think about doing this properly BEFORE you have to learn it the hard way.  Many problems occur when people bend over from the waist and use only their back muscles to lift an object as they straighten to a standing position.  It is important to bend your knees as you reach for the object and to keep your back straight as you return to an upright position.  This allows the muscles of your legs to do most of the lifting and avoids straining, twisting, or pulling your back out of alignment.

If you have already had an injury from improper lifting or from anything else, Bowen Therapy and LED Light Therapy are excellent therapies to release the muscle tension and pain and to return your musculature to balance and proper spinal alignment. Bowen Therapy tends to last longer than many approaches to pain relief.

Call Brenda Briscoe to find out more about Bowen Therapy or LED Light Therapy at 214-679-4618. Or call our front desk to schedule your appointment at 972-930-0260. Find out more about Bowen Therapy at

Information taken from The Bum Back Book.

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