General Causes of Back Pain #8

A significant number of back problems arise from sudden forces applied to a flexed, bent-over spine.  This can occursneezing with apparently simple forces, such as coughing or sneezing while reaching for or lifting heavy objects.  

If the force is great enough, a disc could rupture and exert pressure on the nerves where they exit the spinal column.  A large ruptured disc is one cause of sciatica, a condition where pain radiates down the buttock and leg and can be accompanied by numbness, tingling, and muscle weakness on the affected side.

Many clients come to me after this kind of injury has happened.  It really didn’t take much, especially if they were dehydrated to start with.  Bowen Therapy can quickly help realign the spine and relax the muscles that got strained when you sneezed, coughed, or did some other abrupt type of movement while twisting the spine or lifting an object.

So, here’s what to do.  If you are reaching over to get an object or bending over to pick something up and you get the urge to cough or sneeze, abort that effort and wait until the cough or sneeze is over.  Then go back and pick up your object.  Hopefully, this will eliminate the possible muscle strain.

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Information taken from The Bum Back Book by Michael Reed Gach.