General Causes of Back Pain #9

Restrictive clothing and high heels can contribute to many back problems.  Any clothing that restricts or inhibits high heel shoesyou from moving freely should be avoided.  For example, rigid leather belts can contribute to back problems.  If you wear one regularly and have a back problem, experiment with wearing a cloth or an elastic belt for a month and see what happens.  

And, ladies, I know that high heels make your legs look sexier and we all want that, but try to keep wearing them at a minimum.  Wear them for shorter periods of time and on special occasions like weddings, church, the opera, a special dinner date, etc.  And make sure that on a daily basis your shoes are low heeled, comfortable, and that they cushion your step.  If you must wear high heels for work, at least bring them in a bag and put them on once you get there; and wear comf0rtable shoes on the way to and from and when you get home.

This will minimize the strain on your back from walking on your toes all day.

Information taken from The Bum Back Book by Michael Reed Gach.

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