Learn from your cat

Take a lesson from your cat. Have you noticed that when cats wake up they stretch? When you awake in the morning, you’ve probably been sleeping in some funny position all night or for too long. To get your spine in correct alignment before getting out of bed, start this habit.

Raise your hands above your head, point your toes, and stretch for a count of 10. Then, roll over on your side, bend your knees and push up (rather than coming straight up). Place both feet on the floor, put your hands on your knees, giving yourself some leverage, and push on your knees to help yourself stand up with less stress to your spine.

This is how I encourage my clients to arise in the morning and any time they are getting up from a chair or out of their car, etc. It encourages your body to be symmetrical. It is also how I have them get off the table after a Bowen Therapy session. In addition, putting both feet on the floor simultaneously after therapy makes a neurological impression, or blueprint, of the session, potentially causing it to last longer.