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Help for Neuropathy, Plantar Fasciitis & Restless Legs

Listen to a Facebook Live talk about what’s working to resolve peripheral neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, and restless leg syndrome. This talk will be given by Brenda Briscoe, LMT and Beeben Russell of Russell Distributions.  You may have never been exposed to this information before. Brenda has been helping people with these physical issues for a long time, using her therapies. And Beeben can reveal the science behind the new equipment that is being used for relief of these and other conditions.

Join us on Tuesday evening, May 1, at 7:00pm on my page Living Well Brenda Briscoe to get some great news and encouragement about improving these conditions or totally resolving them.

New Head Harness for Concussion & Migraines

Living Well Dallas has a brand LED (Light Emitting Diode) new device to add to our low level light therapy sessions. head harness on mannekin This has been designed to effect Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), migraines and other headaches, as well as many other conditions involving brain health (swelling, infection, etc).

I have been using the head harness with great success for these conditions.  Here are some of my recent clinical experiences:
A client with concussion from 4 months prior came in reporting that she still was experiencing dizziness and the feeling of her head being heavy (inflammation). We used the LED head hardness and did a Bowen Technique session. A few days later I spoke with her and both those issues were improved. She was very much looking forward to her next session and had hope for full recovery.
A client who had been experiencing daily headaches with varied intensity for many days without a break, came in with a migraine on this particular day. All we did was the head harness for 40 minutes. Two days later she was elated to report that she had not had a headache since.
A client with a continual vestibular migraine from a vestibular nerve infection was suffering daily with drop-foot and neuropathy in his feet as well as his hands occasionally. After just a couple of sessions with the head harness and other LED pads on his legs, feet and hands, he was noticing a difference in his well-being and in the neuropathy and drop-foot condition. He is in hopes of resolution of this condition.
If you experience any of these or similar brain conditions, come in for an LED session with meand get the relief and recovery you have been needing. To make your appointment, call our front office at 972-930-0260.

LED “Head Harness” Provides Breakthrough for Concussions!

There continues to be a rising concern about concussion, not only in the NFL but also among children’s and Concussionadolescents’ sports. High school athletes’ concussion rates have risen 200% in the past decade.  Here are some interesting and alarming sports concussion statistics:

  • 3,800,000 concussions reported in 2012, double what was reported in 2002
  • 33% of all sports concussions happen at practice
  • 39% — the amount by which cumulative concussions are shown to increase catastrophic head injury leading to permanent neurological disability
  • 47% of all reported sports concussions occur during high school football
  • 1 in 5 high school athletes will sustain a sports concussion during the season
  • 33% of high school athletes who have a sports concussion report two or more in the same year
  • 4 to 5 million concussions occur annually, with rising numbers among middle school athletes
  • 90% of most diagnosed concussions do not involve a loss of consciousness
  • An estimated 5.3 million Americans live with a traumatic brain injury-related disability (CDC)

Football is not the only sport where this is happening. Following right behind football is boys’ ice hockey and lacrosse, then girls’ soccer and lacrosse.

Fortunately, new therapies have proved extremely effective for recovery from a concussion, otherwise known as Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). One of these is LED Light Therapy.

LED Light Therapy increases blood flow in the brain, as shown on MRI scans.  It also appears to have an effect on damaged brain cells, specifically on their mitochondria (the cell’s power house for energy).  These are bean-shaped sub-units within the cell that put out energy in the form of a chemical known as ATP.  The red and near-infrared light photons penetrate through the skull and into brain cells and spur the mitochondria to produce more ATP.

The clinical treatment result is that patients experience significant reduction in their symptoms of TBI, such as headache, sleep disturbance, cognitive impairment, mood swings, irritability, impulsivity, anxiety, and balance problems.  Patients have been able to return to work and repair their relationships with loved ones.  They found improvement in neurological function based on functional brain scans.

You can find this LED Light Therapy at Living Well Health & Wellness.  Clients are able to get back to school or work quickly after their LED Light Therapy and once again living normal, fulfilling lives. There is actually a HEAD HARNESS designed to specifically address the symptoms caused by TBI. Embedded in the head harness are near-infrared and red LED lights, which penetrate the skull to bring quick relief of symptoms and recovery from the condition.

Even if your TBI occurred years ago, you can still benefit greatly.  Call our office at 972-930-0260 to find out more or to schedule a therapeutic session for you or your child.

General Causes of Back Pain #1

Did you know that back problems happen with sedentary people just about as much as with those who do a lot of heavy physical labor?  In fact, it’s back painone of the most common ailments in our society and certainly the most common of the health complaints that I see in my practice. Sometimes this pain, stiffness, or tension is acute and incidental, but many have suffered with it for years.

Many elements may contribute to back pain. Often, we try to blame one thing for causing our back pain when, in fact, it may be due to several contributing causes.  It is best to recognize all contributing factors so that their individual and combined effects can be understood.  Many causes will be covered in these blogs, but let’s discuss just one here.

Weak Musculature:  Muscles give needed reinforcement to the bones and the bones act as a support frame for the muscles. This is not unlike the components of a suspension bridge, where the components act on each other to hold the whole bridge steady. The spinal column is like a bridge, connecting our upper and lower halves.

When the muscles don’t support the spine-bridge, it will sag from its correct curvature, resulting in pain. Then we tense up to try to return the spinal column to its proper position. This compensation strains the back. Good muscle tone is needed for proper support. Strengthening exercises, along with stretching to lengthen the spine, can erase the strain and pressure in your back and improve your posture naturally. Effective therapies for the back can speed this process.

One of the best therapies for back pain is Bowen Therapy.  With its precise but gentle moves that create a vibrational effect that penetrates to the cellular level, the brain is given new nerve input for the body to respond to rather than its usual pain response.  Call our office (972-930-0260) to schedule an initial 1-hour consultation. This will give you the opportunity to sample Bowen therapy, as well as LED light therapy, which synergistically magnifies the effects of the Bowen treatment.

Check back to my blog to find out other causes of back pain that will be published soon.

This information comes from a book called “The Bum Back Book.”

Amazing LED lights healed my foot

On Labor Day I hurt my foot playing with a dog.  I kicked a ball right as the dog was going for the ball and instead he got my foot in hurt foothis mouth.  It hurt but I didn’t think much about it until later in the evening when it woke me up throbbing!  I got out of bed to go to the bathroom, but as soon as my foot hit the ground, I let out a loud scream because it was excruciating to put any weight on it.  I was limping terribly and had to walk on the outside of my foot. 

So as soon as I could get there, I went in to my office and applied LED lights to the entire foot.  After a 30-minute treatment, I was able to walk but was still limping a bit and still had some residual pain.  After about 4 hours, I noticed that the pain was gone and that I was no longer limping.  I could not believe that only one treatment brought me that far.  I have had no pain or problem with it since then, and it has been a week!

Aspects of Holistic Healing

There are many aspects to healing because there are so many aspects to the human “being.”  We are actually verbs, not nouns.  There is a whole lot that goes on with our “being.”  All levels of our being hold keys to our healing.  Quantum physics says that we are like a column of energy which is vibrating at a very high level.  We’re like a cylindrical container where we receive at the top, then process and release energy at the bottom.  But sometimes those vibrations become way too intense or more than we can handle, and it makes us “wobbly” or off balance, so to speak.  Or our vibrations get interrupted with different life happenings like traumas (auto accidents, falls, sport injuries) or job changes, arguments, divorce, death, etc.

When these events happen, our vibrations diminish in certain areas of the body and we are prone to illness or things that just happen in life that we may think are unrelated. But they are not. Thoughts are “things,” and our thoughts draw life events into our lives in order to validate our thinking.  Sometimes our thoughts draw “things” to us that we would not consciously choose.  So, to accomplish “healing,” we often need to address more than the visible, tangible, or obvious “pain” that presents to us.  We need to dig deeper into a more “holistic” approach.

An expanded holistic perspective will include at least eight aspects of our being:Holistic Approach

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Relational
  • Nutritional
  • Energetic
  • Environmental
  • Spiritual

At Living Well Health & Wellness, we have a team of practitioners in our Pain Recovery Clinic who can address each of these aspects.  And we will explore them with you in order to affect healing, so that you can have the vibrant, exciting life you once had.  We do this through:  nutrition, supplementation, aromatherapy, counseling, Bowen therapy, myofascial release, LED light therapy, Bach flower remedies, and more.

For example, if someone is being seen in the bodywork department for peripheral neuropathy and just can’t move forward with their healing, the question may be asked, “What if what you are experiencing is grief held in that part of your body?  And what if it is okay for you to go ahead and live a fulfilling life?” If this resonates with the client, they may then have a visit with our life coach or counselor, maybe even address the issue with essential oils that can affect the amygdala (emotion center of the brain). From there, they may be referred to our nutritionist or health coach so that what they are taking into their bodies will support their healing as well.

There are many ways to approach a healing path because of these many aspects of the human body.  We at Living Well Health & Wellness would love to explore these with you and help guide you along your path to complete healing.  So, get your life back!  Give us a call at 972-930-0260 and make your appointment for a 1-hr. $59 consultation, which cost can then be applied toward future sessions with one of our skilled practitioners.

Why does knee pain worsen with age?

Occasionally, young people, especially athletes, can develop osteoarthritis (OA) from injuries and mechanical imbalances.  About 14% of Americans over the age of 24 have OA. This is characterized by the breaking down of the cartilage that protects the bones in joints. But after age 65, this number increases to 34%. 

Many people as they age gain weight, which can load the joints, especially knees, with more pounds than they were designed to bear.  This creates more wear and tear on knee joints. Also, your muscles shrink in size by about 40% between the ages of 20 and 60, resulting in loss of muscle strength and joint support. This leaves you more vulnerable to knee pain.

Another factor is the number of aging people with metabolic syndrome.  This inflammatory condition of the body, characterized by high blood pressure and high blood glucose levels, sets the scene for widespread inflammation in the body, including the synovial membrane in knee joints. 

If you haven’t developed knee pain with age, there are steps you can take to ensure that you stay pain-free.  Research has shown that doing these two things can help you avoid knee pain with age:

  • Exercise more:  A joint needs pressure on it to stay healthy (like strength training and walking).  Also, exercising helps keep blood pressure and blood sugar within normal ranges.
  • Lose weight:  Simply lowering your body weight by 5% can decrease disability and increase functionality.

If you already have knee pain, the sooner you get professional care, the better.  It is rarely too late, even if you have advanced stages of OA. One facility in Dallas, TX where you can get excellent care WITHOUT surgery and a vicious cycle of medications and their side effects is our Pain Recovery Clinic at Living Well Dallas.  Our multi-faceted approach to recovery gives hope for any age and almost any condition of knee pain.

First, the inflammation is addressed with nutrition.  You will have a customized nutrition and supplementation program designed specifically for you by Health Coach Celia Naples. Next, you will be counseled through the depression, anxiety and insomnia of “pain brain” by Joy Schwartz. You will also receive brain training with the Brain Tap device which reprograms your brain’s pathways so that your body begins to respond other than with pain.

In addition, you will receive bodywork sessions with Brenda Briscoe called Bowen Therapy, which is done through the clothing, is gentle but works at a deep level through vibrations, and is known for its quick, profound, and long lasting resolution to the core problem. Another significant offering you will experience is LED Light Therapy, shown by clinical studies to reverse the conditions that set up arthritic joints.  How?  By stimulating the release of nitric oxide in the red blood cells and ATP (adenosine tryphosphate) in the mitrochondria (power house) of the cells.  This simply means that you’ll receive a flood of healing nutrients and oxygen to the areas where the LED light pads are placed, as well as quicker cellular repair (clearing out debris and moving in the healing nutrients).

If you are suffering with knee pain, call the Pain Recovery Clinic at Living Well Dallas to set up a consultation to find out if you are a good candidate for these services at 972-930-0260.


Which came first . . . depression or back pain?

Do you have a backache that just won’t go away? WebMD reports that studies show depression may be a risk factor for chronic lower back pain. In one study, up to 42% of people with chronic lower back pain experienced depression before their back pain started. Yet depression can often go undiagnosed or ignored because people don’t think to associate it with aches and pains. At the same time, having chronic pain puts you at risk for depression. It’s a vicious cycle.

We at Living Well Dallas have effective answers to both your chronic back pain and your depression. With a multi-pronged approach, our clients are recovering from both conditions whether they are related or not. As a client of the new Pain Recovery Clinic at Living Well, you will get to talk to our health coach about how to incorporate an anti-inflammatory diet and supplementation into your life. This nutrition piece is the foundation.  It must be there for the healing to take place.

Next, you will receive LED Light Therapy which helps your blood to deliver these healthy nutrients, as well as more oxygen, to your back and to your brain for repair. This, along with Bowen Therapy, can promote a speedier recovery. Another amazing tool you will benefit from is our brand new Brain Tap device, which uses binaural beats, isochronic tones, and NeuroAcoustic harmonics, bringing a relaxation response for pleasure and achievement.

You will also receive aromatherapy blends for mood enhancement as well as for pain relief and get life coaching, if needed, for coping with your emotions in a healthy way. 

If you want to jump on our Pain Recovery train, call 972-930-0260 to find out what your options are.

LED Light Therapy for Concussion

Anodyne Professional modelConcussions are very prevalent these days  with so many children, as well as teens, engaging in full contact sports. The medical community offers very little in the form of treatment.  They tell the parents to go home and watch their child and look for changes in mood, behavior, headaches, nausea, dizziness, neck pain, interruption of sleep cycles, and cognitive functioning (memory, concentration, etc.). 

What if there were treatment outside of traditional medicine? Would it be worth it to go ahead and be proactive so that your child does not have to go through all these difficult symptoms and get behind in their school work and school attendance?

Have you ever heard of LED Light Therapy, also known as low level light therapy (LLLT)? Sometimes referred to as photobiomodulation, phototherapy, or photon therapy, LED stands for light emitting diodes. These are not your typical Christmas tree LED lights.  They are superluminous therapeutic diodes, which are embedded in pads for placing on the skin.  The most therapeutic LEDs are the red (about 630 nanometers) and near infrared diodes (890 nm). There are plenty of current clinical trial studies documenting the positive benefits of LED light therapy for symptoms of concussion and other traumatic brain injuries.

The good news is that the FDA has actually cleared LED light therapy for:

  • reducing pain, swelling, and inflammation
  • increasing lymphatic and blood circulation

There are two major physiological events that happen during a light session.  The LEDs stimulate the release of:  

  • Nitric oxide in the blood (dilates the blood vessels so more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the cells)
  • Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the mitrochondria of the cells (for better cellular repair and cleanup)

You can find LED light therapy in some physical therapy clinics but more often in the offices of chiropractors and sometimes massage therapists.  As a Bowen Therapy practitioner, I use the Anodyne Therapy LED light system, which most of the current studies used in their clinical trials.  I include LED phototherapy in almost all of my sessions to enhance the benefits of the Bowenwork.  It has worked effectively for concussions, as well as other head injuries and headaches.

To pursue the possibility of using this forward thinking and effective treatment for you or your child, call 972-930-0260 to make an appointment with Brenda Briscoe at Living Well Health & Wellness or to ask more about the treatment.

Fibromyalgia and LED Light Therapy – FREE Event

Come discover the revitalizing power of light and how it can help with the pain of Fibromyalgia.  You may be able to help yourself or someone who is near and dear to you by introducing them to LED light therapy.  So invite people you think may benefit from this knowledge.

Some attendees will be able to have the light pads applied and experience them right there at the meeting, depending on the time that is left after the presentation.  Others will receive a coupon for a FREE 20-min light session.

For more information, click here.

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