Amazing LED lights healed my foot

On Labor Day I hurt my foot playing with a dog.  I kicked a ball right as the dog was going for the ball and instead he got my foot in hurt foothis mouth.  It hurt but I didn’t think much about it until later in the evening when it woke me up throbbing!  I got out of bed to go to the bathroom, but as soon as my foot hit the ground, I let out a loud scream because it was excruciating to put any weight on it.  I was limping terribly and had to walk on the outside of my foot. 

So as soon as I could get there, I went in to my office and applied LED lights to the entire foot.  After a 30-minute treatment, I was able to walk but was still limping a bit and still had some residual pain.  After about 4 hours, I noticed that the pain was gone and that I was no longer limping.  I could not believe that only one treatment brought me that far.  I have had no pain or problem with it since then, and it has been a week!

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