General Causes of Back Pain #2

In my last blog I mentioned that there are several general causes of back pain and discussed one of those causes. flexible spine yoga poseToday I will talk about another cause of back pain, which is poor posture.  More specifically, we are talking about loss of flexibility and normal curve in the back. So, remaining flexible in the spine and being able to move in all directions helps maintain a strong back, free of chronic pain. Accidents, or even deep-seated emotional holding, can cause muscle constriction and pull the spine out of normal alignment.

poor desk posture
Poor desk posture

Often, though, the curve of the lower back reverses simply because of poor postural habits, including:  too many hours spent slumped over the computer or doing other desk work or even sleeping on a non-supportive mattress. Habitual tension and improper standing posture can also exaggerate the lower curve, producing a sway back and protruding abdomen.  Any habitual deviation from a slight S curve (front to back), whether a reversal or an exaggeration, can create chronic pain.

Just remember that to maintain a healthy back, what is important is flexibility, movement, and diversity of posture.

This information comes from a book called “The Bum Back Book.”

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