So what’s the big deal about “piezoelectricity?”

The word “piezo” means to press or squeeze, and piesoelectricity is the energetic charge that builds up in certain materials in response to mechanical pressure.  Think of a spring. . . the extension of a spring is directly proportional to the load applied to it.  When we press onto a coiled, spring-like structure, there will be a recoil.  

Scapular work
Scapular work

This is similar to the potential energy built up in our fascial tissues.  Bowen therapy uses piesoelectricity to make changes in the fascia that surrounds muscles and that runs through them.  If your fascia is too tight and tense, it crystalizes and the muscle cannot relax and return to its normal size and shape.  Once the fascia is released by this pressing and squeezing action, it returns to its normal gel-like consistency and allows the muscle to return to normal balance.

Not much pressure is needed for this change to take place in a muscle. That is why it is said that Bowen therapy is non-invasive and gentle but effective.  It really does not take much effort, strength or pressure by the Bowen therapist for the body to respond with amazing changes toward better tissue health and a return to homeostasis. Each muscle, tendon, ligament, nerve, etc. has its own existing energy stored in the fascia that runs through it and around it, known as its potential elastic energy. So it is the fascial structure itself which is responsible for its own change and release in response to the Bowen therapy moves.

So, the big deal about “piezoelectricity” is that the body uses this principle when the tissue is manipulated in order to make subtle, as well as remarkable, changes in its healing process.

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