When should you come in for a Bowen Therapy Session?

This is a common question people ask themselves.  They get hurt or some kind of imbalance occurs and they think that if they just wait it out, it will go away.  This is usually not the case.  If you wait, several things may happen.  First, the injury or imbalance is screaming, “I need attention . . . help!”  If no help comes, your body begins to compensate for the imbalance or pain by recruiting other muscles to do the job that the injured muscle was doing.  Then, even more imbalance occurs or other areas begin to be painful because of continual contraction of some muscles and continual stretching out of others.  There becomes this pain/spasm/pain cycle for which Bowen Therapy is perfectly suited to break.

If the pain or imbalance is in the lower extremeties, there is splinting of muscles and limping sometimes.  This creates imbalances in the back and posture muscles.  Finally, you either give in to it and bring yourself in for help, or your body decides that this is the new norm and then keeps this imbalance, with the pain subsiding and slipping into the background.  At this point, now you probably are going to need a series of sessions to retrain your body to go back to its original state of balance.  

On the contrary, if you recognize there is a problem from the beginning and get in for a Bowen treatment right away in the first week, one session of Bowen Therapy is usually all that is needed to return to full balance and harmony. So call quickly and get set up for a Bowen appointment once you realize that you have been hurt or have an imbalance.  You will save yourself time, frustration, and money in the long-run.

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