How does Bowen Therapy work? (Part One)

There are quite a few reasons why Bowen therapy works so well.  One is because of the effect it has on the autonomic nervous system.  Brain mapping has shown during a Bowen session that the client’s brain produces Alpha waves and causes them to feel like they are in a deep meditative state.  At this point, the body goes into automatic repair mode because the sympathetic nervous system (heightened alert response) stops overriding the parasympathetic (rest and relaxation response).  The bottom line is that it places the client in the most advantageous state to allow the body to heal itself.

Because of this, Bowen therapy not only applies to physical conditions but also to challenges like PTSD, ADD/ADHD, autism, sensory integration disorders, etc.

There are other ways that Bowen therapy works to help healing take place, which will be covered in the next posting.

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