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Hello, friends.  I started this blog to post helpful bits of knowlege on how to keep your body balanced and healthy through, not only my own bodywork (mostly Bowen and NST), but also through other new and innovative techniques that come to my attention that I believe are life-changing.

Also, I love to read and learn about nutritional tidbits regarding whole foods, eating habits, nutritional supplements, exercise, etc., which can bring value to your life, and I will pass along anything of excellence that I come across.  I am all about gaining ”quality” of life in a toxic world where we live.

You are welcomed on this site to ask questions and make comments about these subjects.  You may be able to educate me on some health matters as well.  I am open to learning what you know.

Something else I would like to bring to you are profiles on other professionals in alternative health fields, such as thermography (used instead of mammography), chiropractic, hypnosis and personal training.  If you would like to suggest someone in one of these or similar categories, please let me know and I will consider them for a profile on my website.

Until the next time, keep seeking good health.

Brenda Briscoe, LMT

In-Joy Nutrition & Bodyworks

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Good post, thanks

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