Do not use other physical therapies. NO massage or acupressure, NO chiropractic adjustments, NO heat packs, ice packs, hot tubs, long hot showers or strong liniments. Prescription medicines are OK, if needed, as well as homeopathic or herbal remedies.

When getting out of bed, a chair or car, transfer your weight onto both of your feet equally, not one foot at a time. Do not cross your legs, as it will restrict proper circulation and energy flow.

Drink plenty of water – purified or spring water, NO TAP WATER. Drinking half a glass every 30 minutes during the day will keep you better hydrated than drinking a full glass or two all at one time. Half your weight in ounces is a good rule of thumb for even a sedentary lifestyle but more for those who are losing perspiration from exercising or working outside in the heat. Coffee, tea, juice, carbonated drinks or soup do not count as water.

After a TMJ procedure, do not bite hard on apples, nuts, candy, etc. for about 4 days. Cut up meat into small pieces. Also avoid doing large yawns.

Reactions ranging from hot and cold flushes, emotional releases, headaches and shifting body aches may be experienced. These reactions are a positive sign that the healing process is working.

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