The Effects of Caffeine

Peggy asked, “What are the effects of caffeine?”, especially as it relates to the energy drinks.  Caffeine in any form is a stimulant.  There are natural caffeines – guarana and kola nut, for example — but they are still caffeine.  So, they are a better choice, if used occasionally, than the caffeine in coffee which has been processed and chemically treated.  But, if you are using caffeine regularly because you lack energy, your adrenal glands are stressed and perhaps exhausted.

An analogy would be a car that has a tired battery and won’t start.  If you jump start the car, it will run for awhile, but what it really needs is a long, slow charge overnight, right?  If you are burning the candle at both ends, not getting the rest/sleep you need, racing around all day to get many things accomplished and staying on a tight schedule, you will be totally wiped out after keeping up this routine for awhile.

What you truly need is something that will nourish and build up the energy of the adrenal glands so they will work for you properly — not a stimulant that is a quick fix.  Over time, the stimulants will create the exact opposite result to that which we were trying to accomplish with them — adrenal exhaustion amd chronic low energy.

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