Bowen Therapy Testimonials

Thank you, my precious clients, for your wonderful positive feedback about your sessions and the exciting results.  Would you be so kind as to comment here on my website blog so that others who are thinking about receiving treatments can get a better understanding of the types of results they can expect from a treatment.  Give ‘em a little insight, you guys.  It’s best when it comes from YOU!  Love you all!

10 Responses to “Bowen Therapy Testimonials”

  1. Brenda is an exceptional person and therapist. She is so calming and easy to be
    around and has the gentlest touch. Bowen Therapy helped me loosen extremely tight muscles and cramps. I was tense and tight from care-giving and the death of a loved family member. 1 session with Brenda was miraculous. Even my TMJ was better. Love this lady and highly recommend her.

  2.  Nuvis Lopez says:

    When I went to Brenda, I was in such pain! I still don’t know what I did to myself but I could not sit, or bend over without being in extreme pain. The day after Bowen I could not move and I knew that the therapy was working. I could not believe the mess my body was in. What was amazing is that the next day the pain was completely gone! Brenda has also worked wonders with my stiff neck! I HIGHLY recommend this therapy to everyone, Brenda is great! I have recommended her to all my friends and family.

  3.  Evangelina Campos says:

    I am a seamstress and I suffer from severe neck and shoulder pain from the repetitive motions. Lately I have been getting chest pains and after lots of testing the Dr’s finally told me its due to my muscles being so tight around my chest and neck area. This is also what causes my migraines. Bowen Therapy has significantly reduced my pain and as a result the bad headaches. I will continue to go to Brenda and I am a firm believer in the Bowen!

  4. I have been dealing with neck pain for a few years now. I have had epidural shots and been treated with pain medication. My herniated disks are in the upper neck of my spine. Those shots didn’t last very long unfortunately…only like a week or so.

  5. On Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 9:12 AM, Beth Houghton wrote:
    Subject: Why of course I’m feeling better!

    Since your treatments, I no longer have the burning or pain in lower back. I would be stiff upon getting up and would have to take it slow in the morning for the pain. My upper back has not changed and arms still having some problem, but “why is it that the Bowen treatment is making that all better?! ” lol but yes, true, and thank you! I work on the computer alot so I’m sure this is not helping. My brain is of the most concern to me. I was thinking maybe I did have a small strock, May 2008. I was extremely stressed, I woke up and my eyes were half shut and I couldn’t feel my step properly for a month. Body was numb and tingly, this whole month. No one could tell me what it was, and they did not take a cat scan when I went to the emergency room. don’t know. But I have not been able to function mentally, I’m slow, unlike I used to be and I go around in circles, direction wise in my car, and organizing was a breeze to me, not any more. I can sit and stare and not get anything done. I have very little time before I’m exhausted and need to hire someone to help with this type of work, to keep me focused and on track…but again…”why is it that the Bowen treatment is making that all better too?! ” thank you, Beth


  6. Good work once again! I really love checking out your website for the reason that the writers often give us well thought out pieces of information. Fabulous writeup. I am excited to add this website to my favorite list. I am going to subscribe to this feed also. Hoping to see some of your works in the future!

  7.  Brenda says:

    Thanks, I have had some great results using Bowen Therapy with wrist pain. Glad you enjoy hearing these testimonials.

  8. This is an extremely great site you have going here. The matter is very informative and straight to the point. Excited to read more about your blog next time.

  9.  Kyle R Threlkeld says:

    Brenda saw me after I began experiencing hip and lower back pain due to an ultramarathon I ran in Novenber. It is exacerbated by continuallly sitting in front of a computer at work.The hobbling pain was gone the next morning. I know that Bowen works!

  10.  Jennifer Barclay says:

    After suffering for approximately ten years with chronic sciatic pain I finally found relief through Bowen therapy. Before Bowen, I had tried approximately every treatment available including rolfing, massage, muscle relaxers, etc.- only to receive short term results. Bowen therapy helped me to be able to walk, sit, and stand without pain and without limping. It also allowed me to be able to walk without my joints/limbs giving out on me. It is approximately two years later and I am still pain free. Thank God and Brenda for pain relief through Bowen therapy!

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