Flax Seed Oil to the Rescue

Just as I suspected, the flax seed oil did the trick (I took 8!).  I no longer have the deep cracks in my skin that burn when I do a massage and/or wash my hands, and I actually did five hours of massage today.  There are some small skin splits but they are not deep.  Hoping they will go away tomorrow after having taken the flax seed oil for two days.

My skin was still very scaly, so I used an exfoliating scrub to get some of that dead skin to flake off, then kept it moisturized.  I continued to need to moisturize quite often.  Hopefully, tomorrow (Sunday), the fact that I have no massages will give my hands a rest from the irritating massage cream.

Now let’s talk about what I ate since we’re trying to learn from my experience and mistakes.  For breakfast, I had a bowl of blueberries, blackberries, and pecans with a small amount of organic plain yogurt sweetened with a tiny bit of raw honey.  As a mid-morning snack, I sliced an apple and spread some organic raw peanut butter on a few slices.

Lunch was a salad of baby romaine greens, pumpkin seeds (full of essential fatty acids plus high a zinc content), raw sheep cheese, walnuts, and wheat grass cut into tiny slivers, with an organic pomegranate vinaigrette from Annie’s Naturals.  An afternoon snack was an Apple Pie-flavored Larabar (raw food snack bar).

Dinner was almost a repeat of lunch, just because my packed out schedule kept me from having the time to prepare something more creative by the time I was really hungry again.  I was building a lasagna for a friend who just had surgery, and I included some spinach.  Since I already had that out and washed, I just threw some in a bowl, grated some of that good raw sheep cheese over it, cut up some sun-dried tomatoes, added some walnuts and doused it with the same pomegranate vinaigrette — a salad with a little different flair than lunch.  OMG . . . that lasagna smelled soooo good, but I resisted!

Before signing off tonight, I thought I’d let you know that as I was just now surfing for the above links, I read on the raw honey website that it is good as a salve for ECZEMA!!!  I absolutely love discovery!  Let’s try it tonight.  We’ll find out in the morning.

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