Oops – Shouldn’t have done that!

Day Three (I skipped writing yesterday).  In order to be a purist with this eczema diet, in preparation I stopped taking all supplements before embarking on this journey.   One of the key secrets to keeping skin softer is taking essential fatty acids (EFAs), such as Omega-3 fish oil, flax seed oil, borage oil, evening primrose oil.  I have been alternating these kinds of gelcaps in my regimen of supplements for 15 years, ever since I discovered they changed my hands from feeling leathery to fairly soft.

I realize that EFAs, as well as vitamins A and E, are suggested in the “Beat Eczema” cure.  But, I thought I’d add them later after finishing the apple detox — WRONG!!!  Yesterday I really suffered with deep skin cracks that are so painful I could hardly get to sleep last night.  I finally thought to get up and apply some Golden Salve by Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP) and wrap the affected fingers and hand with Saran Wrap overnight.  This worked like a charm.  When I took the wrap off this morning, the skin was smooth and soft.  However, during the day the scaly, red, rough skin with deep cracks reappeared.

So, guess what I’m adding back into my routine tonight — you guessed it . . . some EFAs.  What I have on hand is Flax Seed Oil, also by NSP.   I do muscle response testing, so I tested myself and found that I needed a whopping 8 of these babies a day!  Wow!  I’ve never tested for that many.

I’ve not been bored with eating just organic apples because Whole Foods has such a variety, and I must have gotten a couple of each kind.  Also, drinking plenty of water has been very important to accomplish this detox.  But since tomorrow is Day Four and I can add some healthy new foods to my eating plan, I’ll certaily take it!

Sign in tomorrow to see what goodies I’m going to eat.  I don’t even know yet!  Probably will involve some grass (wheat grass).

7 Responses to “Oops – Shouldn’t have done that!”

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  5. Hi, what vitamins help clear up skin? I know vitamin c does but what others? and also how many can you take a day of different vitamins? Because some days I take vitamin c, calcium, my regular vitamin, and another one I cant think of right now. My mom tells me to take vitamin c so I don’t get sick and calcium because I don’t drink enough milk…so what helps skin and is there a limit? Thanks in advance.

  6. bbriscoe says:

    You can take Vit C to bowel tolerance (loose stools = too much). For calcium, take a good bioavailable form (citrus source is good). Calcium carbonate (from gravel) and di-calcium phosphate not so good. For skin, Vit A and E are great. Flaxseed oil and the herb horsetail are great for skin. Also, plenty of antioxidants.

  7. bbriscoe says:

    Yes, the best one I’ve found is the one I mentioned in some of my blogs on this subject: http://www.beateczema.com

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