BowTech & NST Testimonials

“My back problems included scoliosis, degenerative discs, neck rotation and severe inflammation.  After two years of chiropractic treatments (3 to 5 weekly), I was considering back surgery and thought pain would be a part of my life.  I tried NST and my results have been nothing short of miraculous!  Azur H. — Keller

Due to a foot injury, I could not walk without pain. Work required I stand for 5 or 6 hours a day.  After the second NST treatment, I was able to put pressure on my foot and walk without pain.  I would never have been able to complete my work assignment without Brenda’s help.  And the best part is that after a few more treatments there was no tenderness, let alone pain, in my foot.  Sharon C. — Sachse

After four years of severe back pain involving degenerative discs and heavy doses of prescription pain meds daily, I began Bowen/NST Therapy with Brenda.  Now I have control in what I do and feel as though I have rejoined the world! Carolyn S. – Hurst

Before NST I had chronic sciatic nerve pain.  Now a periodic treatment keeps my body in line and keeps me able to run up and down stairs.  Carolyn H. — Trinidad, TX

Due to a childhood back injury, I developed scoliosis and severe pain over the years.  After a few Bowen sessions, the pain left and I noticed a spinal correction.  Brenda has been a blessing to my life, both spiritually and physically. Brigitte B. — Dallas

For a number of years I suffered from neck and shoulder pains that extended down my arm to my hand.  Prescription muscle relaxers and physical therapy only brought a few weeks’ relief before the pain returned.  After a series of NST sessions, my pain was alleviated for 4 to 5 months.  Robert P. — Irving

The Bowen technique can best be described as a wonderful “tune up” for the nervous system.  As a Certified Biofeedback Therapist and Nutritional Consultant, I first experienced the Bowen Technique to better describe how it is for my clients, since I did not have any physical discomfort of my own.  I was surprised to feel more leveled out, joyful, and calm.  It has greatly helped clients of mine with chronic pain that have not been able to be relieved by anything else.  Whether you are in pain or not, Bowen Technique provides tremendous benefit.  Fiona Robinson, CNC,CBT

I have been experiencing sciatic pain with numbness in my left leg for weeks.  Just after two sessions of Bowtech with Brenda, the pain has virtually disappeared and the numbness has significantly reduced.  I’m optimistic that with a few more sessions, the numbness will be completely gone.  Tom L. – Frisco