Which came first . . . depression or back pain?

Do you have a backache that just won’t go away? WebMD reports that studies show depression may be a risk factor for chronic lower back pain. In one study, up to 42% of people with chronic lower back pain experienced depression before their back pain started. Yet depression can often go undiagnosed or ignored because people don’t think to associate it with aches and pains. At the same time, having chronic pain puts you at risk for depression. It’s a vicious cycle.

We at Living Well Dallas have effective answers to both your chronic back pain and your depression. With a multi-pronged approach, our clients are recovering from both conditions whether they are related or not. As a client of the new Pain Recovery Clinic at Living Well, you will get to talk to our health coach about how to incorporate an anti-inflammatory diet and supplementation into your life. This nutrition piece is the foundation.  It must be there for the healing to take place.

Next, you will receive LED Light Therapy which helps your blood to deliver these healthy nutrients, as well as more oxygen, to your back and to your brain for repair. This, along with Bowen Therapy, can promote a speedier recovery. Another amazing tool you will benefit from is our brand new Brain Tap device, which uses binaural beats, isochronic tones, and NeuroAcoustic harmonics, bringing a relaxation response for pleasure and achievement.

You will also receive aromatherapy blends for mood enhancement as well as for pain relief and get life coaching, if needed, for coping with your emotions in a healthy way. 

If you want to jump on our Pain Recovery train, call 972-930-0260 to find out what your options are.

Help Underprivileged Kids have a Good Christmas

I am helping David P. Smith, Edward Jones Financial Advisor, collect toys for underprivileged children this Christmas.  Please help us in this effort by booking a massage or Bowen Therapy appointment and bringing a new, unwrapped toy to your session.  YOU WILL RECEIVE $10 OFF for placing a toy in our Drop Box.  Our goal this year is 2,500 toys.


Toy donations will go to underprivileged children in Dallas, Denton, and Collin counties through these organizations:

  • Captain Hope’s Kids
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of North Central Texas
  • The Family Place Women’s Shelter

Thank you in advance for your donation!

Christmas Toy Drive For Underprivileged Kids

Help me help David Smith raise 2,500 new, unwrapped toys for underprivileged children this Christmas.   The holiday season is full of joy, but with all the activities and rushing around, it can also get stressful.  Treat yourself to a relaxing massage or a therapeutic Bowen session for $10 off while you provide a Christmas toy for a child who would not otherwise receive one this year.  The toys donated by Dec. 14 at Living Well’s drop box will benefit children in Collin, Denton, and Dallas counties through:

  • The Family Place Woman’s Shelter
  • Boys and Girls Club of North Central Texas
  • Captain Hope’s Kids

CALL 972-930-0260 to book your massage or Bowen session for $10 off the regular cost of $90.  Your massage will include luxurious extras like a warm neck wrap, aromatherapy inhalation and application, warm towels on your feet.  A Bowen therapy session has the powerful benefits of quick relief and long-lasting resolution to pain issues.

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