Can 1 Tablespoon of Vinegar Daily REALLY Make A Difference?

I know you’ve all heard of the healing benefits of vinegar, especially raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar (although there are benefits of other kinds as well).  But sometimes we hear something or read about it and acknowledge that it will help but then forget about it.  This is one easy thing to incorporate into your daily lifestyle that will be worth the remembering.Bragg apple cider vinegar

I’m going to write about the benefits of vinegar  in 7 easy to digest (pun intended) snippets.  This is the first tip and it’s about apple cider vinegar (ACV).  By the way, all of these tips come from an online article I found from The Alternative Daily.  To read the entire article, click here.  So, here is the first reason to ingest this vinegar.

  1. Apple cider vinegar (ACV) can help with weight loss

Adding one to two teaspoons of ACV to your morning glass of (room temperature) water can promote healthy weight management. ACV is very alkalizing to the body, and studies have shown that the weight-regulating powers of ACV are most effective over extended periods of time, meaning you need to be doing this every day for at least a few weeks to start seeing real results. And as another plus, at the same time you’re losing weight, you will reduce pain in your body when you alkalize!  Why?  Because you’ll be reducing INFLAMMATION!

Stay tuned for more reasons to use vinegar on a daily basis.  Also, read the book Alkalize or Die for more compelling information on alkalizing your body.

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