How can a wand do that?

Good question.  . . Recently, my dear friend Pat sent me an amazing little wand that has changed my life and the life of some of my clients.  I’ll start with myself here and then post other blogs to tell more stories.

Have you ever heard of the Amega Global company?  They have a product called an “Amwand” that creates zero-point-field energy — the energy that Einstein discovered which enabled him to develop his theory of quantum physics.  Well, this little wand, when moved in clockwise circles over an area of pain or dysfunction, creates an energy force field for healing to take place.  Even when lying still on a table, it shoots this energy as far out as 30 ft. in the direction in which it is pointed.

Ok, I hear you skeptics saying, “That’s a bunch of baloney.”  I can understand those thoughts, but once you’ve experienced the wand, you can’t deny it.  That’s what happened with me.  I began wearing this wand, like a writing pen, on my shirt everyday for about a week when one evening I discovered a small hard cyst on the top of my foot.  It was not there in the morning when I put on my socks, and all of a sudden it appeared.  This is exactly where I had been having pain for some unknown reason.

It scared me, so I quit wearing the wand for a few days, and the cyst continued to stay there.  Then, I decided, “What the heck, I’ll wear it again and see what happens.”  (I often use myself for experimentation!)  Well, after about another week, the cyst softened and is now almost totally gone, along with the pain that had been there!

Bottom line:  I believe the wand’s detoxing effects caused my body’s intelligence to capture some toxins to keep them from circulating through my bloodstream, perhaps filtering through some lymph nodes.  Once the detoxing was complete, it was safe to be released and travel through the blood.  Whatever . . . I don’t care — it doesn’t hurt anymore!  You should try it!

Check out this wand and other tools here.

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