Still waiting on baby soft skin

Wonder how long this is going to take?  I want results NOW!!!  Aren’t we all like that?  It took my body probably years to manifest this eczema and I want it gone overnight.  Of course I do.  Why not?  Welll, I’m a week into this project, and I will not quit yet.  I’m not only doing this for myself but also for others who may come behind me and want to do something about their skin with the same problem.  So, I’m in it for you too, baby!

Okay, for breakfast after working out  at the gym I had another blueberry/blackberry smoothie with organic local honey, flaxseed meal, small amounts of pineapple juice and kefir, ice cubes, and one small addition — a T. of a green drink (superfood) powder called Green Zone by NSP.  I also ate a handful of walnuts and a handful of pumpkin seeds (both containing lots of EFAs).

Lunch was salad again:  organic mix of field greens, sprouts, sauerkraut, grated raw sheep cheese, pumpkins seeds and some Basmati brown rice.  Dinner was awesome!  Half of a baked organic Yukon Gold potatoe with some very lightly steamed broccoli (still crunchy with enzymes intact), sauerkraut on top of field greens and sprouts — all seasoned with organic kelp.  This was a delicious meal.  I’m also remembering to take my flax seed oil gelcaps daily – 8/day (a lifesaver!).

I still can’t believe I’m not wanting bad snacks inbetween meals.  Even if my hands don’t get significantly better, this diet is worth it for the weight loss, the clarity of mind, and the brighter skin (face).  Still waiting on baby soft skin on my hands.  They seem to be slightly better each day now, but the difference is so subtle.  I will once again apply Golden Salve salve tonight and wrap the fingers with Saran Wrap to keep it from rubbing off onto my clothes or sheets.  This morning when I unwrapped the fingers, the skin felt so soft, and the skin cracks were healed.  Once again, during the day though, there came new skin cracks and new scaliness.

Signing off til tomorrow . . .


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