Bowen Therapy Testimonials

I have been using the Bowen Technique and NST (Neuro-Structural Integration Technique) for many years now.  I began 11 years ago with it.  I have seen remarkable results from using this gentle but effective technique.

For instance, one woman came to in with severe hip pain and fibromyalgia.  After her first session, she reported having no hip pain for the first time in 13 years.

Another lady with carpal tunnel syndrome was looking at surgery in the near future to correct it.  After four sessions, her doctor said that she would not need the surgery.

If you have experienced positive results with the Bowen method, please post here to encourage others to try this amazingly effective bodywork for pain and other physiological symptoms.

6 Responses to “Bowen Therapy Testimonials”

  1.  Marcy Davis says:

    My low back had been REALLY hurting me for over a week….I saw Brenda on Friday for a NST session, mid weekend I was ( and continue to be )in NO pain whatsoever!
    Brenda has assisted our family for many years now ..from the babies/children to my husband and I.. and we never cease to see amazing results.
    She is a huge blessing in our lives!

  2.  Lisa Manning says:

    I was pregnant and due December 20. After making a little progress with dilation and effacing, it stopped around 38 weeks. My doctor was warning me the baby was getting large, and we might have to induce. Hoping to have a chance at going into labor on my own, I went to see Brenda on December 19. After the session I felt the best I had in weeks. I was able to move much easier and felt more energized. On my due date I began to feel some mild contractions. They began to become closer together, and at 1:45 am on December 21 my water broke. In the end I had a much larger baby than anyone expected, so I had a c-section after 15 hours of labor that didn’t progress. However, I had the chance to go into labor on my own and try to work through it. My baby and I were in amazing health throughout my long labor. There was no need for emergency surgery. My c-section recovery was also much easier than I expected. My doctors were amazed at how mobile I was even while under anesthesia. In the end, I was able to allow my body to do what it could and make decisions on my terms. It was a fantastic experience, and everyone ended up healthy and happy!

  3.  Ashley McCarty says:

    Bowen Therapy has literally saved my life. I have been fighting severe pain since 1999. After going to a string of doctor’s, all saying there was nothing wrong with me, I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2006. I was in so much pain that I need help getting out of bed every morning and could not dress myself without assistance. Doing menial task such as laundry was exhausting and painful. Shortly after being diagnosed I met Brenda. She suggested Bowen therapy, and to be honest I thought…whatever, I’ll try anything. However, I didn’t have much hope in Bowen doing much good. The first time Brenda ever did Bowen on me, I felt so relaxed. I couldn’t believe the instant change in the way my body felt. After years of Bowen therapy, I am doing better than I have in 11 years. I’m able to exercise, go to work, and I’m finally realizing my dream of going back to school. If it hadn’t been for Brenda and Bowen therapy, I don’t know where I’d be today. My quality of life has improved 200%. I can never thank Brenda enough for what she has done for me. I recommend Bowen therapy to anyone who has cronic pain.

  4.  Kelly Blankenship says:

    I saw Brenda last week for pain on one side of my neck that had been bothering me for almost 10 months. I had previously spent hundreds of dollars on massage and physical therapy. I did one hour of Bowen w/Brenda and realized 2 days later that I had practically no pain or discomfort AT ALL for the first time in almost a year. Amazing!! I really couldn’t believe it, but it is true! Thank you, Brenda!

  5.  Richard Seldeen R.N. says:

    My experience with Brenda has been exceptional since receiving my Bowen therapy treatments from her. I have experienced a significant calming of my nervous system and have experienced a reduction in blood pressure and improved sleep since receiving Bowen therapy treatments from Brenda. Bowen therapy seems to significantly help with switching the sympathetic nervous system off and to actively engage the parasympathetic nervous system to aid with the healing of the mind and spirit. As a Registered nurse suffering with PTSD, I would highly recommend Brenda and her Bowen therapy technique to help calm and rebalance the nervous system. In my opinion, Bowen therapy is great for individuals suffering with PTSD, ADD, chronic insomnia, hypertension, sleep apnea and head injury.

  6.  Elise says:

    When I came across Brenda’s website I was desperately looking for someone who could help me. I hadn’t eaten or slept in two days due to horrible pain from a hiatal hernia. She was able to see me the same day. My abdomen was rigid, hard and if touched would make me feel nauseated. When I felt the tension in my stomach lift during the session, I just broke down and cried. I had forgotten what it felt like to be relaxed. She recommended a Jujube fruit supplement & digestive enzymes. Within two days I was back to eating a normal diet without any pain. I have only seen her twice so far and she has exceeded my expectations! I am amazed at how quickly I have recovered and am so grateful for her work.

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