Bowen Therapy for Children

Bowen Therapy is well-suited for children for so many reasons.  It can be done with very gentle pressure and still be effective.  It is done with clothing on, making them feel more comfortable.  Children are generally more active, thus helping the energetics of the therapy to work better and faster.  They do not have ideas about whether a treatment is going to work or not.  Their minds don’t really go there.  So, they tend to be more receptive than adults.  Adults can be rather skeptical, especially if they have tried everything and to no avail.

I have seen remarkable results using Bowen Technique with children who have ADD or ADHD, autism, sensory integration problems, asthma, constipation and, of course, acute injuries to name a few.  In a typical Bowen session, there are required breaks, or pauses, between some of the procedures within a session.  But with children, the breaks are not needed because they process the nerve stimulation much more quickly, so the therapy session is over in less than half the time of an adult’s session.

Children report back to me, saying they are able to concentrate at school better and feel less anxious.  Parents see a difference in their attitudes in that the children are easier to be with and are much more cooperative.  Tasks at home and at school which had been a problem in the past seem to be done with ease after getting a treatment.  The children tend to be willing to eat healthier because their glandular systems become more balanced.  They don’t crave the snack foods and sugar so much.

Acute injuries – e.g., recent muscle pulls and strains, sprains accompanied by swelling – are resolved much quicker than in an adult having the identical injury.  So, for young athletes, this is a great treatment, as it rarely takes more than one session to get back into their athletic activity after an injury.

If you know an athletic child or one who is accident prone, their parents may want to know about this gentle but profound treatment which quickly resolves injuries by unravelling neuromuscular compensations, activating the nerves and sometimes creating new nerve pathways.

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